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Replacing Vision headlight bulb

Just joined the forum. Have been a Vision owner since 10/08 and love the bike!

Now I need some help please.

Anyone replace a headlight bulb yourself? This is the second one to burn out. First one went out while still under warranty so had the dealership do it. The manual says to take out the air filter and pull off the boot, then take of the clip/pin. Sure sounds easy, but the dealership took the whole front end off to do it as they couldn't get their little fingers in. I took out the air filter, was able to pull half of the rubber boot off, but couldn't get the top part of the boot to come free. Any suggestions????

Thanks in advance

Sorry.... haha

the air cleaner has two tabs that extend into the top portion of the frame.  They get stuck, once you have removed the two bolts, lift the bottom of the filter out away from the frame. then wiggle the air filter why pulling down on it.
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Hi and welcome to The VOG. 

I haven't had to change the bulbs on my bike. Is this the standard lamp or the HID? How many miles did you have when the first/second one burned out?
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Go to and do a search. No need to join. An owner there has the Vision Service Manual on PDF so you can download for free. It gives a good description of on this is done.
Hope this helps. Oh, welcome. Smile

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Since I have the unique pleasure of having MY OWN VICTORY TECH (a buddy of mine just got "let go" from my dealership) when my 3rd - yes I said the 3rd - bulb burned out, I had him put in another one. It took him/us about 3 hrs to disassemble the front end, replace the bulb, and re-assemble the front end. The hardest part is getting those damn 10 mm bolts off & on the mirror backs. I think we could do it in less time now that "we're experienced" in doing it.

I can't figure out why they keep burning out. Yes, it's always the low beam bulb that goes, which makes sense since they're on all the time. 

Thanks to all that responded.  To answer a couple of questions, my first low beam bulb burnt out at about 10,000 miles or so and less than one year.  This is the second low beam bulb.  It has been 18,000 miles and about 1.5 years.  And no, I don't use the lows all the time, I usually use the high beams--more visibility for the blind cagers.  Thanks again, and I will check the other website for the service manual.