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wrecked bike

Well it happened to me last night, somebody cut in front of me from across the road and I t-boned him and he kept going. My bikes front end is pretty jacked up, so I need to know a good place to order parts. I figure I should put it back the way I want it, with some different items such as the forks, rims, and exhaust  etc...... Can you even order the whole front as an assy. ? any info will help a bunch.
I think we can assume you're alive and not beat up too bad?
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yes you can eather order the stock front end or go on ebay and get a crome front end there is also the kewmetals prostreet front end hope you'r ok hope this helps !!
Hey Vegas0five,

I'm glad to hear you're okay. Sorry about the bike...but it can be fixed.

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Did the other person ever get caught? That's what would make me so mad about the whole deal. Yeah, you've got insurance but why use yours when someone else's should be.
I know the feeling. My 10th got rear ended and after fighting with insurance and 4 months later they paid $16,500 to fix it back to original. They wanted to total it but that was not an option.
Did you sustain any injuries? Glad you'll ride again. Sounds like the winter will be for fixing your bike. Hope it turns out like you want.

What a nightmare. Glad you're alive to tell the tale. Hope you're ok and you get you're bike back in order.
Were you taken to the hospital???  Anything broken??  Torn???

I assume you are physically doing OK - your main concern was your bike - that's a good sign in an ugly situation.  Best of luck with all the repairs to yourself & your bike!!! 
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Yeah Im not beat up to bad except for the tweaked wrists and some small bumps and scrapes. As of now they havent found the guy. Yeah it would be nice for him to take the hit rather than myself. All I know is there is a red charger out there with a nice size dent in the side of it. Anyway thanks for the concern and comments. Jerrythekingpin whats the deal with the kewmetals prostreet front end ?? Is it a good set up and where can I check it out?
I'm actually lucky because I think coming over the handle bars and hitting their car stopped me from any serious road rash. I think the adrenaline rush was so high I didnt feel anything that night. Although the next morning I felt like I got ran over be a herd of buffalo.

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