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saddlebags for my vegas 8-ball

has anyone put saddlebags on a 09 vegas 8-ball ? What kind and how do you like them ?  has a nice looking product... 
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I put some denver slants on my 8-ball with easybrackets.  Go to and see a pick of my bike.  Nice bags at a great price.
The Semi-hard bags from Victory are the only ones that will flow with the lines of the bike and will look the nicest on your bike.  They are not real big, but it's up to you if looks matter more than size.  They fit nice and snug up against the fenders and look like they belong.

I've had the ussaddlebags mentioned above.  They are very nice and a nice large size.  
The biggest difference between the Victory bags and the aftermarket bags is that the aftermarket bags will have to flail out around the belt drive.

Maps by Barry

thanks for the information.


 <img width="600" height="450" alt="" border="0" src="/file/sns_uploads/2220/images/2vegas0320bags2.jpg" />

try rakaposhi (sp?) victory leather saddle bags. It's held up well for two ears, looks and flows well w/ 8ball. Great bags.


If you are looking for hardbags you might try this company. Very good quality and lots of styles to choose from.

This is what I have installed. Straight from Victory. As stated before,

I think they flow the best.

<img height="498" alt="" width="423" border="0" title="replaced: 400px; replaced: 400px" src="/file/sns_uploads/2957/images/Untitled.jpg" />

I do like the looks of the bags on your bike. thanks for the pics