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Which Portable Tire Inflator?

After unsuccessful forum searching, I'm soliciting recommendations for your favorite, reasonably-priced portable tire inflator.  Something that will ride in my Vision Tour saddlebag along with the tool kit.  I'm looking at a Sears/Craftsman unit for about $30 that you can set the desired pressure, clamp-on the hose, plug into a 12V outlet and go.  What do you like?  Thanks.

I carry a "Slime" branded tire repair kit with included air compressor.

If you want something fairly cheap, try this unit recommended by Rider Magazine.


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I'm planning to pick up one of these this year. It seems similar to what bigfoot recommended.

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  and  like this.
I have the Aerostich Mini Compressor 3500. The compressor is very small and has a lot of options for electrical connection. It costs $47. Aerostich stuff is usually very high quality.
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I have the same one MIC has, but without the bottle of slime. I purchased the little package of plugs and inserter tools separately.

I have the Slime version but I didnt get it with all the tire patch/repair stuff..... I have used it once just to try it out and it works fine. BUT! It would be really nice to get on that has a pressure gauge built into it or like you said for the craftsman one being able to set the psi and just let it go. 

Another vote for Slime, had mine for years and helped many a "flat" brothers and sisters on the road Smile After a few cheap compressors i wish i brought the slime, I really thought it would have crapped out by now but still keeps on going!

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