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Hello from WV

I just wanted to say hello. I am new to the VOG as well as a new Victory owner. I have owned many bikes over the years, mostly sport and sport touring types. I traded in my 06 Boulevard on an 06 Kingpin a few weeks ago. I have wanted to purchase a Victory since the first time I laid eyes on a Vegas Jackpot. After doing a lot of shopping around, and waiting for the right deal on the right bike, I decided the KP was the ride for me. Perhaps in a few years I may trade up to the newer generation bikes, but personally I think they have lost some personality. I had the dealer do the stage 1 flash, air box and filter upgrade and had Victory Performance drag pipes installed minus the baffles. I really love the tone it gave the bike and have been enjoying the extra torque compared to the Boulevard.

Anyway I have been reading the forums for days now and thought I would say hello. It seems there is a very supportive community here and I am glad to be a part of it.


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I thought I would add a second pic. I have not come up with a name for the KP yet.  The Stormtrooper was already taken by a previous vehicle I had lol. Being a huge Star Wars fan, I'm sure the name will be related somehow.

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Welcome from a Kingpin owner in Ohio. What part of WV you from? I used to live on the Ohio side of Wheeling. Still have family down there.
Enjoy you new scooter,
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Welcome from Witchdoctors!

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RoBrown said...
Welcome from a Kingpin owner in Ohio. What part of WV you from? I used to live on the Ohio side of Wheeling. Still have family down there. Enjoy you new scooter, Rob

I'm about an hour and a half south of there near Parkersburg.   

Welcome! The KingPin was a good choice.

I have relatives in Elkins, and own an old Rock Quarry in Oak Hill ( just north of Beckley), so it's almost like we are neighbors. Watch out for folks from Akron, OH.

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Congrats on your new Victory!

Congrats on the nice looking bike. I don't have any relatives in WV, but it's been said that Akron is the capital of WV. Smile

Have fun with your new ride. 

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Welcome from Fla.
Nice looking KPin and I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks. Enjoy

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