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High pitched noise???

I have a high pitched noise coming from around the gas tank area. I think it might be a vent of some sort, but not sure.

Anyone else have this, know what it is, have a fix?
Ok was able to narrow down the location of the noise it is near the back of the tank right before the seat, sounds like pump running with a height pitch squeal coming from it.
Your fuel filters need replaced.
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I've been searching on the forum about this as well with no luck. Usually only hear it at around 50 mph and up. I figured it was wind going thrue somewhere by the fairing causing the whistling? I have a 2010 that I purchased used last August. I now assume that this must be a common problem. Hopefully someone has a solution!
I would hope the fuel filters on a brand new bike would not need replaced. Just had 500 mile service done.
I hear this too. Second ride of season after oil change and adding madstad. I thought maybe I hear different engine noise now that my ears aren't full of turbulent wind noise!
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When you hear this noise if you pull in clutch does it go away?

Could it be the belt and you hearing at low speeds but at 50mph you don't hear it.

Belt could be miss aliened witch is very common with Vic's.

It could be coming from front pulley.

Put passenger on bike and have them listen four ears are better then two        

No mine makes the noise all the time. As stated before if I put my ear on the rear of the tank the noise is right over the fuel pump area. Just started wearing my half helmet, so I assume its been making this noise since new.

Does it make noise when just idling or only when your moving.

Get dealer to pull tank and see what they can find 

If you hear the gas cap.  see if this helps.  Maybe a pinched vent tube 

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