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How many of us Victory owners are loyal to our brand?

I'm loyal to victory. I really can't see myself on any other brand. It's not that I don't like other bikes. I'm just very satisfied with Vic. I love the way the freedom V twin sounds. I love the way the tranny shifts. I love how it handles. It's not perfect but if it was then I couldn't customize it.
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This is my first Victory,time will tell if ill be loyal or not,right now to soone to tell.

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To add. I think victory owners are some of the most intelligent owners I have ever met. Most here have not blindly purchased their Vic they have done so after countless hours and weeks of research. I would safely say if Vic started making a crap product 90% of us would leave for a better riding experience. I can't fathom how many Harley owners stayed dedicated to them through the amf days. I know I would not have.

I am not so sure about Vic owners being the most intelligent, but they do seem to be the people who are not very brand loyal, instead they are looking for value or performance or both. In my case, I find that the Vision meets my desires and at a decent cost for me.

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ddawg said...

Am I brand loyal?  Yes.  As long as the brand is loyal to me - building a good quality bike, that is dependable, and at a fair market price for what you get.  Am I loyal to Victory?  Yes.  Am I exclcusively loyal to Victory?  No.  I will buy and own any quality bike out there that fits my needs.  

I am more loyal to the biking experience, and seek the best bike to fill my particular needs.  Victory does a good job at that. 

Pretty much what Dawg said.  Had some of most bike companies products in my garage over the last 30yrs. Don't consider myself loyal to ANY product . As long as it works for my puroses, I'll keep it. If it don't, I wont't. Or I see the company starting to take customers for granted (ignoring warranty issues, etc) 

As long as I'm able, I will ride a motorcycle, I just can't tell you what brand that might be.  

I've taken the road less traveled, now where the hell am I.
I don't buy a bike to impress other people, just ME!
I will always ride a bike, I just can't tell you what brand it will be.
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MeSeaHunt said...

the sooner u realize ur bike is NOT "made" in america the easier u will win ur arguments/discussions w/those "other" brand owners... it's ASSEMBLED in america.....     

Maby you need to do a bit of research ?

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spider said...

Maby you need to do a bit of research ?

actually spider victory's are not made in America. They do not carry enough domestic content to be considered that. But they do their best to use American companies in their base bike wherever they can. They do have a very high domestic content but it takes over 95% or so to be considered made here. I personally consider them American made bikes but legally they are not. Thank the EPA for that.

To dsjr's point, I am loyal to a quality product. I used to own a Star Raodliner and back in 2006 it was probably at the top of the list for cruisers. Handling, aluminum frame, HP, could hold it's own.

Now that I have been on a Vision and a Cross Roads, I stopped into a local dealer a couple weeks ago and sat back down on my old ride. Bottom line, what was once one of the best bikes out there just a couple years ago cannot hold a candle to the current Cross I started to see the shortcomings more than the positives mentioned above (no cruise, no 6th gear, bad seat, cheaper amenities, horrible bars....).

5 years from now I could be riding an Indian, or a Harley Davidson.....or I could still be on a Victory.

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QUALITY over speed. Doing a crappy job fast is worthless, so take pride in your work as so few do these days. If you want to lose respect, then act like your work doesn't matter.
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Nope no loyalty, 

I've never gotten more pure joy of motorcycling from any bike I've ever owned than I have out of my Vision.  For me personally, it lacks nothing.

I've had the privilege of riding sweep when the factory truck has been in town the last couple of years, and as a result, I've ridden everything that Victory makes.  Although I appreciated at least something about everything in the line-up, nothing suits me like the Vision.  If I had room for more than one bike, I wouldn't think twice about making a High Ball a stablemate for Nessie.  But since I don't and can only have one motorcycle at a time, were it not for the Vision, I would not be riding a Victory.

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