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Are some riders just SELF CENTERED

"That's the ugliest fucking motorcycle I've ever seen in my life." 

I have heard that before with my Vision my reply is always I guess it's a good thing you don't own it!!  I have had several different motorcycles the Vision is the first motorcycle that anyone has ever said anything close to that and several other negitive comments but some very postive ones as well.  I draws a crowd just about any place I ride it, others asking what is that or what brand is that a lot people have never heard of Victory I educate the people who want to learn others don't, I personally don't care it's what I ride.  Most of the real bikers have died off I give them a lot of respect but the posers of today that are on HD they can suck it!!  I ride with pride knowing that I ride the best in my opinion and of course we all know everyone has one of them Smile

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Riders reflect the same range we find in everyday society. some good , some bad, some indifferent. I love all bikes really, they all have something that floats somebodies boat. Bikes and bikers should not have been relegated to a religious belief system but we do have that especially one american brand. I just keep saying to myself- I am not dissing your God- you can worship him if you want to, dont have a problem with that, its just that there might be other gods that people believe in, as long as both lead you in the right direction (enjoying riding on two wheels) what's the harm in that? But to some zelots it is like if you are not riding my brand- the only brand- then you are unamerican and the county is about to go to hell and I am not gonna let you diss America! thats what makes all this so funny at times. you can ride what you want, i can ride what I want and I am gonna enjoy the experience the way I choose to and nothing you can do about it. Dont worry if I ride a Victory- the USA is not gonna go to hell because of it. So chill out. Oh BTW, your bike is leaking again, I would get that checked out.

iabob said...
Man code: Never say you don't like anther guys bike. It's ok to not like it, it's unmanly to tell him. Obviously we all like some bikes better than others. If a guy says to you, "I ride X" and that prompts you to tell him why you don't like X...then You're obviously an insecure poser that bought a bike because you thought it would make you cool.

Good post. That goes with the man code, "Do not use the urinal next to another guy unless there is no other choice."

"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."
Just a short story from several years ago I had a 73 sportster and went out for a short ride I was bout 2 miles from home and it started leaking gas from the carb so I pulled off to the side of the rode to look at which was right by a red light then this guy rode up on a harly don't remember what kind but ask if I needed help I said no and thanked him for asking and told him he had a nice bike then I decided to be a little bit of a smartas and told him u know how it is having a Harley is like having a ford fix and repair daily I reckon that piss him off didn't say another word to me and when the light changed took off btw I also had a triumph and ford at the time I look at this way if u can't take a joke on what u r riding then u don't need to be riding it or driving it
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bikerbob said...

I think that the ex Harley riders who now have Vic's are like guys who have quit smoking. They'e the worse. There's a mentallity out there that people think anything other than a Harley is just not a real motorcycle. Than when we buy something else we want it to look like a Harley and sound like one.

Somebody, stop the madness! Smile

Not quite sure how to take that Bob. I currently own a farkled out HG StreetGlide but have been following Victory for quite sometime and am currently trading out to CCT. I like my HG. It's a beautiful bike and have had very little trouble with it. Fact is, a stock HD comes with considerably more attention to detail as compared to other brands. Yes, I know that technically speaking, the VIC is superior. I am trading because "A", my current ride is 6 years old and "B", I like being different. I don't drink anyones Kool-Aid. I don't have a closet full of HD clothing either. I really can't stand the "attitude" that riders have towards someone elses ride because it doesn't have the same name on the tank. My dad rode an Indian and my ultimate goal is, to be riding one as well. He turns 90 in October and I pray he lives long enough to see me on one. It's all good.

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"Oh BTW, your bike is leaking again, I would get that checked out."  Come on guys, it was just marking its spot. My only oil leak so far, on my Road Glide was identified and fixed under warranty by my dealer. I had it in for a routine lube at the time. 

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snoopie said...

Add motorcycles along with religion,politics,things not to talk about.

The other thing not to talk about besides religion and politics? Another man's wife 

i had to search what a Suzuki Burgman was and looked like and I would have to say that is the pot calling the kettle black. I would also have to say if you don't like a Vision don't ride one it might just change the way you think. I did a test ride on one and found it to be a great MC.

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Some times you just have to say what the f*#%
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"It doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you make friends along the way" 

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Nessie044 said...
"That's the ugliest fucking motorcycle I've ever seen in my life."

The Kingpin receives a lot of criticizm about the styling. I usually say something like "How does the tail light look? That's about all you'll see of it".

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