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Are some riders just SELF CENTERED

First off I'm not a Harley hater since a few of my friends ride them and for the most part I like most bikes. Last night at a local club over a few drinks I was talking to an acquaintance who had recently got a new Electra Glide Custom ? with a few extras and had added a new GPS with radio. I mentioned I was riding a Victory when he stated he really didn't like that swoopy futuristic look. Since I was leaving we went out to ck his new ride, hey it was definitely a nice bike and he had added quite a few extras and I told him it looked great but that was all I could get in. I think he glanced at my XR once but quickly looked away not sure if it scared him or what. I guess I've noticed this with a few other riders of another brand but usually ignored it before. Guess I won't be getting into those one sided conversation with him any too soon again.

Add motorcycles along with religion,politics,things not to talk about.

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Yeah it funny. Usually the people who brag up their bike and talk sh%t about the others is intimidated or feels inadequate about their own bike. Ill say it here "I don't like Harleys" yes I said it but for the reason of realiability, vibration, and feel of the ride.
Now having said that I would never disrespect a fellow biker by talking sh%t about his bike no matter what he drove. That is very disrespectful.
The only time I talk sh%t about other brands (mainly Harley) is when someone steps on my toes. I have family members who ride Harleys and they are always the first ones to say something about Victory and then I let loose but I never start it. They never seem to have much for comebacks and usually just use my own comebacks back at me but if I wanted "my" comeback I would tell their wifes to fart...   

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He might have just been overly excited about his bike. I know if someone asks me questions about my bike I will give them all the info I can about my bike. I do let others get a few words in

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I like some Harleys, just don't like Harley mentality.

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I like Harleys and will probably buy another one some day, but some guys are just diehard and will not even think about another brand of bike. some think their s$$t don't stink because they have a Harley. It's just like the diehard Chevy guys or Mopar guys they wouldn't be caught dead in a Ford. I buy what i like and don't give a crap what others think! So be proud of what you got and ride it with pride.

That's totally normal. When I drive my Vette I dress in every piece of Chevy clothing made and sneer at GT-Rs and Mustangs...

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I love motorcycles, but the people that ride them sometimes get on my nerves.

Man code: Never say you don't like anther guys bike. It's ok to not like it, it's unmanly to tell him.
Obviously we all like some bikes better than others. If a guy says to you, "I ride X" and that prompts you to tell him why you don't like X...then You're obviously an insecure poser that bought a bike because you thought it would make you cool.
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If you ride any type of cruiser you oweat least a nod to harley. go back to the 80's and you had 3 choices rice rocket ninja, hurricane etc, upright street bike honda cb, kawasaki ltd, suziki gs all of which were inline twins or 4's or a cruiser, Harley.  As Harley proved that they had overcome the quality issues from the AMF years people started going for cruisers and japan started loosing sales. so they went were the money was crusiers. Now with the exception of rice rockets, moto guzzi goldwing bmw and triumph, everything else is a cruiser. even kawasaki when they reintroduced the voyager went with a v twin instead of the concours 4 cylinder, a proven and dependable motor.