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Bag for solo rack

here is the description off their website.


  • Deluxe main compartment design with 240 cubic inches of expansion volume

  • Sleek streamlined “ air flow” surface design

  • Top organizer pocket

  • Dual molded side accessory pockets

  • Integrated and hidden raid hood

  • Reinforced textured neoprene “non-slip” pad for paint protection

  • Universal web mounting system for secure fit and attachment

  • Reinforced handle for easy transport

  • Lifetime limited manufacturer's warranty

  • Add OGIO Saddle Bags for complete rear bag bike set

  • 420 dobby nylon/420D dobby nylon/ tarpaulin/textured neoprene

  • 14”H x 13”W x 7”D (10”D expanded)

  • 1274 c.i. (240 c.i. expanded)

  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.

 Hope this was helpful

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kaohinani said...

I have just gotten myself a Vegas Low, and the only thing that I find "lacking" is somewhere to put my "stuff".  I ended up buying a OGIO tail bag, part # 104580, it attachs to the rack on the back fender, and it has quick release buckles so you can take it off and on pretty easily.  It even has a zipper to expand the bag for more room, it has side pouches for things you need to get to more often and quickly.  Check it out.  I think it works well, and keeps up the sleek line of the Vegas.  Of course this is for only around town, or overnight trips. 

That sounds about what I'm looking for, I'll check it out.

Can you post a pic of it on your bike?

dsjr70 said...

+1 On Muckers comment.  I love mine and it doubles as a backrest.

+ another 1
I use a European version of the same thing. It's great!   

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Put me on the Highway, Show me the sign, And take it to the limit, One more time. !!!!!!
muckers said...

i am pretty sure i got the medium large.  The large was too long but the medium was wide enough and holds everything i need!

How did you attach it to your solo luggage rack?

I attached it with the straps provided.

Put me on the Highway, Show me the sign, And take it to the limit, One more time. !!!!!!

It has d-rings attached to the bag.  Supplied with the bag are an assortment of re-usable tie wraps, and bunggies with a snap ring.  I slide it over my sissy bar and only have to attached to bunggies but 4 are supplied.  i added bunggie bults to go around from kewl metal.

I love the fact when you're on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle is the only thing you're doing.

Just added the victory solo rack


and the bikers friend bag

Kuryakan expandable. Low profile fits a lot of basic necessities. Expands to load up overnight trips. Well made. Doubles as a little back pack. Unzips from backing without undoing all your hold down straps. Very well made.

muckers said...

i put the bikersfriend bag on my vegas.  It keeps the classic look almost like a bed roll, the lines of the bike are maintained without saddle bags.  I can get alot of stuff into mine

What size bikers friend bag to you have? How does last over time? Good quality product? 

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