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Bag for solo rack

I am looking at putting the victory solo rack on my Vegas. I'm searching for a good bag to attach to it. Any suggestions or advice?

i put the bikersfriend bag on my vegas.  It keeps the classic look almost like a bed roll, the lines of the bike are maintained without saddle bags.  I can get alot of stuff into mine

I love the fact when you're on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle is the only thing you're doing.
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+1 On Muckers comment.  I love mine and it doubles as a backrest.

Last update on April 29 2013, 1:33 pm by dsjr70.
Can either of you post a picture of it on your bike?

Yep, another vote for the bikers friend bag...would be lost without mine.

what size of bag did you get???

i am pretty sure i got the medium large.  The large was too long but the medium was wide enough and holds everything i need!

I love the fact when you're on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle is the only thing you're doing.

Here you go...


I picked up a Saddleman at the spur of the moment for a solo rack on my High-Ball.  Appears to be quality enough, in a textile rather than leather bag.  Only complaint is I wish there were a more intuitive means of attaching it rather than looping around and around, then pulling tight on the straps then having a bunch of slack left over.

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I have just gotten myself a Vegas Low, and the only thing that I find "lacking" is somewhere to put my "stuff".  I ended up buying a OGIO tail bag, part # 104580, it attachs to the rack on the back fender, and it has quick release buckles so you can take it off and on pretty easily.  It even has a zipper to expand the bag for more room, it has side pouches for things you need to get to more often and quickly.  Check it out.  I think it works well, and keeps up the sleek line of the Vegas.  Of course this is for only around town, or overnight trips. 

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