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My 2002 V92C runs great, but I am having back fire pops through the mufflers, so the shop said it needs the TPS (throttle position sensor) adjusted.  Could someone with an "older" Victory tell me, what does the TPS do, and does it affect fuel mileage or performance?  Thank you!

Denny Pink


Denny, you can reset the TPS baseline on your freedom engine with the following sequence:

Key on, switch on, engine off
Slow 5 count rotate throttle from closed to wide open
Hold throttle wide open for slow 5 count
Let throttle SNAP shut/closed
Cycle kill switch (off then on)
Start bike, and enjoy the ride

See if this make any difference. The throttle position sensor is just a rheostat like a light dimmer switch that sends varying degrees of voltage to your ECM. yes it can effect your milage & performance-is it what's causing your backfire issue? Maybe but in my experience backfires on Vics are caused by intake leaks-Check the rubber boot at the throttle body for leaks-you can spray a shot of brake cleaner/starter fluid at the area and if the idle changes you know you have a leak-also check all you exhaust connections and make sure they're tight.

Here's Loyd'z Tec-talk on backfires  

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