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Help! Rear Brakes requires pumping!!

I have an 08 Arlen Ness Vision with 24,000 miles.  I had  this issue with the rear brakes come up last spring after sitting all winter.  I tried the usual bleeding of the rear including using a hand vacuum pump to pull fluid from the master all the way back throgh the caliper.  I went through 3 resevoirs of  fluid and never  pulled an air bubble, but only  got meager pedal pressure.  I only put on 4000 miles last year as the rest of the summer  was spent on my new BMW R1200 RT.

This year the problem is back only worse, there is virtually no pedal pressure.  I am glad to have found these suggestions from others, and will attempt bleeding the front right caliper, and if that fails will have to replace the brake line.

Thanks to all contributors.    

Happened once to my 08 bleed center bleeder on front caliper never had a problem after that

Worked like a charm!!   Took about 5 minutes doing it myself.   Center plug on right side and  BINGO!  Now there stiff like a dead man.....

WFSDNO .... Wife Said NO ... she finally gave up, so I won!!!

What they all said I would do first......but check to see if the disk roter is bent.  It has the same cause as air in the line due to pads being pushed deeper into the calipers.  Best wishes and hope it is nothing but air.

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Bill And Sarah

I have a similar problem with my '08 JP, I bled the rear brake twice but there seems to be air getting into the back brake system.  No fluid leaks or need to add fluid - just additional air.

'08 JP

'04 TC