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VIDEO: VOG Member Spotlight - Meet APDSpider And Check Out The Mods On His Victory Cross Country - Witchdoctor's Unbaffled Muffler Demo Included!

It's time for another VOG Member Spotlight!

Meet APDSpider and check out the mods on his 2012 Victory Cross Country.

Allow me to warn you, this is a Long Video! So grab some popcorn and a cold one and enjoy checking out all the mods APDSpider has performed on his bike. Some of mods include Witchdoctor Unbaffled Mufflers, Kuryakyn Mirrors, Ness Flip Windshield, Victory HID Headlight, Vic Baggers Bag Filler, Custom Dynamics Flashing Brake Modulator, Fusion LED Light Kit, Lloydz Performance Air Filter and VFC-3 and More! This video includes a sound demonstration of the Witchdoctor Unbaffled Mufflers. Enjoy!


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Thanks Andy, I had fun.  But the camera adds 15 pounds!

2012 Victory Cross Country: Black, Open Can Mufflers, Lloydz VFC-III, Lloydz Idle Air Control Valve, LLoydz Performance Air Filter, WD Laydown Plate, WD Clutch Arm Cover, Kuryakyn Scythe Mirrors Black, 10th Anniversary Tank Badges, VicBaggers Bag Fillers, Painted Chin Fairing, Custom Dynamic's Magic Strobe Brake Light Flasher, VictoryHID kit, Victory Blade Windshield, Fusion LED accent light kit, Gloss Black Foot Controls, WD Gunner Style Pegs, WD Gunner Style levers and Rusty's Thrusher Exhaust Tips Chrome.

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Love the clank of the Tranny. Sounds great!!

Kind of always thought I'd miss the sound of my HDs, but this low deep sound of a Vic 106 is growing on me. Not to take anything away from HD, but I'm surprised how much my preference for the "potato-potato-potato" lope of an HD was just conditioning and familiarity.

Nice work Spider! Good looking mods.

2010 Ocean Blue / Sandstone ABS Vision
Hi-flo front and Lloydz top filters, Venturi inlets, PCV, VM1-HPT-DR CAMS, PTS, IAV, T-Cone Exh, Rev Ext & ECU remap
122/123 HP/TQ

Good stuff thanks!!!

Look in the mirror, laugh at's healthy!

Frank Coletto
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As always a great job Andy, I enjoyed it.

If you come to a fork in the road, take it.


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Hey Andy and APDSpider...really nice job with the video.  Love the WD pipe demo at the end,  APDSpider - that is one nice XC - nice job and great review.  I am very interested in hearing what helmet you plan on buying...keep us posted on that as well.

I have the new baffled WD pipes...I love them.  The more I ride the Vision with the new pipes, I do believe I have lost a little torque, but will need to dynotune I believe to be sure the bike is set up is a clip of how these sound.  


Great Video. Thanks to both for the review.

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Hey Andy and APDSpider, I finally took the nearly 20 minutes two watch this video and I wanted to compliment both of you as this video is loaded with good information for anyone who is either shopping for a Cross Country or for someone who may want to add a few mods. That drive-by demo of the Witchdoctor exhausts is a winner. 

Nice Job Guys! 

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A question for Spidey or anyone else who may care to chime in. I've been on the fence for a long time as far as putting "neons" on my bike (XC). What kind of draw do they put on your battery? I've seen bikes just sitting parked with them on, but I would be concerned about killing the battery, and these things ain't easy to push!

Smart people ask questions.