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Introducing The Indian Thunder Stroke 111 - Video and Photos

Here it is!

Last update on March 9 2013, 9:53 pm by Andy.
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  and  like this.
2011 Cross Roads (first bike!), forged bars, stage 1 kit, light bar kit, CC seat.

I love it !
Cant wait to see the whole bike !

Riding : 2014 Indian Chief Vintage

I am in awe, I didn't expect this.
This has to be the biggest thing in motorcycling in the last few years.
Congrats to all those at Polaris/Victory that participated in the making of the new Indian motor.

Did I just hear someone in Milwaukee say "Ohhhhh shiiii....." 

More Photos!



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Very well produced videos. Can someone tell me what the relevance or benefit of "down firing" exhaust is?
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