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Catastrophic transmission failure on my 2006 KingPin. Very dangerous.

That is the EXACT same thing that happened to my 2000 SC!!!!! Same catastropic failure, same tire lock up! I had to transplant a 2004 TC engine into my bike. By all means keep us informed. Hope Ma Vic will tell you something. I never tried to contact Ma Vic as I know that they would "poo poo" me because of a 12 year old bike. Let us know how it shakes out. Glad you are OK.

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Merkin as already shared thank God your safe. As for the scoot, Polaris is in the spotlight on this one, yeah keep us posted.

This is very interesting. The same scenario has happened to some other brands of motorcycles after doing a search, but not very common. Makes you wonder about the loud clunk when you shift gears that we have all learned to love. What actually is the noise we hear?
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I realize Vic puts the same engine/transmission pack in all  bikes but this is the second KP I know of where the tranny went out.


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Was there any previous say a hard miss on acceleration in second gear??
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To the question regarding if there were any symptoms leading up to this. No, there were not. No missed shifts, no sounds, nothing. This downshift was just like the 10000 before it except for the outcome. I was coming down from 4th to 3rd approaching a stop sign during relaxed countryside riding.

 Like every other 2006 generation Victory tranny, neutral is more of a rumor than a gear. 

 I do a two week trip every September and have the dealer perform a deep maintetance before the trip every year. It was all green lights. They perform all recommended service procedures according to the Victory schedule. They also clean the fuel injection system. The bike has never had anything but Victory motor oil in it. The oil gets changed every 2500 miles (the interval for that model year)The dealer (Hernley's in Elizabethtown PA) has been great throughout the process. The records for all maintenace and lubricants are with the dealer so that is not in question. I baby this bike and spare no expense on it's upkeep.
This truely came out of the blue.

It was pretty heartbreaking to see my bike in literally hundreds of pieces on the dealers lift.

While you are engaged on this thread. Do you know if this generation transmission can be upgraded so that it shifts and finds nuetral like the current models do?

Last update on November 25 2012, 10:04 am by Merkin.

I also have a 2006 Kingpin. My transmission is not loud on shifts at all. Clunk going into 1st from neutral and you can hear the 1-2 shift, but no problem with finding neutral or loud bangs/clunks shifting gears.  

It takes a great deal of force to break the dogs off a gear...     

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