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Need shifter mount for a 2010 XC

I have bought a heel toe shifter for my 2011 XC. I had two different dealers tell me that it would work even the dealer web site said it would. Guess what it will not without the 2010 mount. I like the one for the 2010 better because it is all chrome. I called the dealer I bought the bike from and they could not locate one, they said that it has been discontinued. Does anyone know of a wrecker 2010 that I could get this part?
James McGee
Are you talking about the post that the lever mounts to?
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Call Kevin at Polaris of Gainesville
^ That post almost made it sound like I knew what I was talking about.

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It's more than the bolt, it's the mount that bolts to the frame that's different too. I imagine it's close to $100 worth of parts needed to retrofit everything to accept the old shifter.

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Check with Joe at Kewlmetal. I think he offers a heel toe shifter for the 2010 and the 2011. You are right, the mounting is different on both years.
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I got an 11 and I just got the heel toe shifter from dealer he ordered it in put it on and it is all chrome there was some confusion first he got one for the vision doesn't work then he got the one for 11 xcross I like it
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you know the vic heel toe shifter is in 2 pieces heel is chrome our stock is not but they sell a chrome toe shifter the one piece the heel bolts to either one
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