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Crack by tip over

Got my bike back from dealer last wk. They had put in a new headlight assembly.
Back it into the garage just left it on the trailer. Went out sat unloaded it changed oil and filter getting ready for Daytona.While wiping it down i noticed a 1" crack next to right tip over. Does not seem to affect the bike in anyway other than ugly. Question is does this panel come off when replacing light assembly? I have laid it down on the left side before and no damage what so ever. Never been on right side that i know of. I have the 5yr warenty will that be covered?
Last update on February 19 2012, 5:35 pm by trell.
Without seeing it I would say it is not covered. pics would help.
^ That post almost made it sound like I knew what I was talking about.

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Have you talked to your dealer about it?
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Yes you have to strip the hole front end to get at the headlight assembly.
If you think the dealer did it your going to have a hard battle.
I'm guessing its the bottom left side and the bottom bolt is a bitch to find and get at.
If your going to talk to the dealer be nice but firm. Start your conversation out by asking if the mechanic has how mane years working on a vision. If he says yours the first now you have him by the short hairs. Tell him there is a crack that as far as you know was never there before. With washing and wax I would guess you would have seen it before.
Last update on February 20 2012, 2:04 pm by vision_nut.
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Not talk to them yet.It's on the right side not on left side. I have drop it on the left side once no damage what so ever.I have never known it to be down on right.If they don't cover it as I think they should that will be a negative for me on the next buy.I love the bike but that will tell me something about the company.
just took pictures of crack now if i can figure out how to post them.
So is it the Tip-Over that's cracked, or the Fairing?

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Not the tip over the the plastic body piece right behind it.The service manual calls it the leg fairing.
Originally posted by: trell

just took pictures of crack now if i can figure out how to post them.

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I watched them replace my headlight and they didn't take off anything that low.
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