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Easy Clutch...Ever Tried it?

I don't have any issues with the clutch on my 2012 Cross Country Tour, but an easier pull is always welcomed...and this one even comes with a chrome clutch cover.

So has anyone here used one of these?
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That looks cool just to cover up that crappy piece the cable attaches to, that is one of the worst pieces on the bike..........
I have the easy clutch on my XCT.
I had one on my 07 kingpin too. never an issue with them.
And they do look much better than the stock arm

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2012 XCT does it actually make the clutch easier to pull..not that mine is that difficult. I am wondering if it will help with the clutch cable fails I have been hearing about.
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My dealer in Fort Pierce Fl uses one on his demo XCT and it makes a big difference in the pull. He also claims that the clutch cable will last longer.
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That's odd, I read/heard the EZ-Pull is finicky (has to be set perfectly) and if not it will allow your cable to rub (somewhere), causing a premature failure.

I was going to go that route, but decided to go with the Hydraulic conversion, easier pull and no cable issues. Haven't ridden it yet (Still in A-Stan till Feb 29th), but the wife said it is much easier and smoother than before. She had to load/unload it to take it to Boca Raton, FL, to get the work (and some other goodies) done.

Just mah deuce cents worth...
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I have one on my 05 Vegas. It is much easier than stock, really matters when stuck in traffic. Kevinx, a few weeks ago when I had him adjust my cable said, they are much easier on the cable, a lot less stress on the cable, but a pain in the but to set up correct. Once they are set they are great.
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Originally posted by: ArkieBiker does it actually make the clutch easier to pull..not that mine is that difficult. I am wondering if it will help with the clutch cable fails I have been hearing about.

Yes, the easy clutch makes the clutch lever very easy to pull. As for the cable failures, in my opinion Yes it helps with preventing cable failures. I have not broken a clutch cable since I started using the easy clutch. My first Vic broke a clutch cable every year from the time it was new. It got to the pint that i carried a spare cable. This is before the cable repair kit's they sell now.
As for the adjustment....? I have never had an issue with adjusting my clutch cable using the easy clutch. And I've never had a clutch failure on any of my Vic's. I've had 3 been riding them since 2001
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2012 XCT
I have considered one of these for a long time. Lloyd ( as in Lloydz Motorwerkz ) and KevinX talked me out of it as it can apparently cause the clutch to slip...
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It appears from the link that thee are for 2007 and PRIOR Victorys.? Specifically excludes Visions, doesn't seem to mention the Cross bikes
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