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by NickJ at Sep 30, 2014
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Welcome to TheVOG - The Internet's largest Victory Owners Group. We aim to be a friendly community dedicated to Victory Motorcycles. You can ask questions, get expert opinions from other owners, post pictures, videos and more. To take full advantage of the site you need to Register - It's free. Click here to register!

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by NickJ at May 20, 2015
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Victory went live with the latest video chronicling their Project 156 attack on Pikes Peak this morning. It gives us a little glimpse into the engine tuning that they have done to meet the demands of the hill. Ascending that far, and that quickly puts many stresses on the engine and tuning.

Everything from cooling to air/fuel ratios are constantly tested and have to be tweaked along the race course. It is extremely difficult to replicate these stressors in the shop on the bench. The race course will start at a stately elevation of 9,390 feet and then ascend all the way to a oxygen poor 14,110. It does this in just 12.42 miles, so that is roughly 380 feel of straight elevation gain every mile. This makes tuning and testing very key.

It appears as though they are running a variation of the Indian Scout motor, so that makes me think that they are going to run really strong as the liquid cooling will be able to be expanded to deal with the incredible amount of hear that will get into the system by the top of the course. More power will be able to be delivered as they will be able to cool the engine more efficiently.

Can't wait to see what they are going to get out of that engine. I may or may not have a vested interest. ;)

by NickJ at May 12, 2015
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Victory Motorcycles is announcing their intention to race at the iconic International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) event on a prototype Victory electric race motorcycle.

The prototype electric race bikes will be piloted by William Dunlop of the legendary Dunlop dynasty and by Lee Johnston known in the racing world as “General Lee”.

Victory Racing will compete in the Isle of Man TT electric class, marking the first time that Victory Motorcycles has entered a professional motorcycle-racing event in Europe and raced an electric motorcycle.

Parker, the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, is providing the race-proven, high performance GVM PMAC motors for both machines.

“The entire Victory team is excited to make history with this effort,” said Rod Krois, Victory General Manager. “We know that William Dunlop’s experience and the continued Victory Motorcycles development of this electric race bike through work with Parker will propel us into a strong future with electric motorcycles.”

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With more than a hundred years of history, the annual International Isle of Man TT, raced on the Irish Sea Island, is one of the most demanding and exciting races in the world. The SES TT Zero Challenge class event for electric motorcycles is a one-lap race round the island’s 37.73 mile (60.72 km) Mountain Course scheduled for Wednesday, June 10, 2015.

“I’m more than excited to race this prototype at the Isle of Man,” said professional rider William Dunlop. “Electric powertrains have many advantages, and the Isle of Man is one of the greatest tests in motorcycle racing.”

Professional Rider Lee Johnston will be riding the second entry for Victory Racing at the Isle of Man TT and said, “I’m excited to make history by racing the new Victory electric race prototype. It’s thrilling to...
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Roland Sands Design and Victory Racing take on the challenge of building a one hundred per cent hand-built road racing bike with a prototype Victory engine.

Together they plan to race the bike at Pikes Peak (Race to the Clouds) – America’s most challenging road race with 156 corners up a 14,000ft (4,267m) mountain.

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Tony Carbajal and Joe Vertical from the Victory Stunt Team do things with baggers you never thought possible.

Watch them go full throttle at JenningsGP as they test the limits of their supercharged Victory baggers.

I don't think that I need to say anything else, but that looks like amazing fun! Not a single part of me wants to drift a bike, and much less a bagger, but I do want to be able to have that kind of bike control. Well played gents. Well played.

And kudos to Lloydz Performance for buttoning those bikes together and getting them roasting tires like there is no tomorrow.