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Dimple vs. Witch Doctor Oil Drain Plug by RedVic
Witch Doctor Drain Plug on the left in the photos and Dimple Drain Plug on the right. Witch Doctor uses a thick hard cooper washer. Dimple uses a nicer thinner aluminum washer. The machine work on the Dimple drain plug is supior to the machine work o...
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The Official Political Thread by Andy
For those who enjoy discussing political/Governmental issues, this is the thread to place your comments and opinions. Please remember that this thread is monitored and the management does ask that VOG Members respect the opinions of others. Name call...
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Initial Review: Tested & Compared Victory Vision vs Victory Cross Country by steve76t
The wife and I test rode the Vision and XC bikes today.  I'm probably more confused now than ever...  First rode the Vision and the weather here in N. Nevada today was about 65 degrees and a bit windy.  The wind didn't bother the Vision at all.  Didn'...
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Photo of 2nd Broken Lower Front Fender, 1st post by bigfoot
74,000 miles and now my second front fender has broken loose from one side. VICTORY, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION!   As is obvious from the above photo, the hole didn't fracture this time, just all the plastic around the hole. The other side did have a...
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Saddle bag latch broke by DarksideX
Well my right saddle bag latch broke today. It was getting worn through at the pot metal part that contacts the bag-side latch. Had shown my dealer the wear hoping for a replacement under warranty, but haven't even recieved a call back (this was a mo...
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check out this 4 min video & turn up your speakers! by danainorangecounty 
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First class Indian Dealer offering two tones and great service. by RedChieftain
I just received an email from this dealer, MY dealer, who is 480 miles north of me but distance means nothing to me with this guy, Rob Gregory.  Indian of Little Rock was the closest dealer to me here in south Texas when I was looking for a Chieftain...
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Hell to Heaven to what the Hell! by tonygiotta
Shortly after completing my first IBA SS1000, I began thinking about the next one.  I had just completed a round trip encircling the Sierras, passing through Reno to the north and Las Vegas to the South.  This time, I wanted to do a one-way trip so I...
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New starship captain, er, Vision pilot :D by 47909Rider
In an attempt to increase comfort and thus available riding distance, I moved to a Vision.  My wife has chronic pain issues, so comfort is hard to achieve but we think the Vision gets us there.    We'd test-rode one before, for about 20 miles, and wh...
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Vance and Hines Exhaust by bprowatzke
Do anyone have any update on the Vance and Hines?  I see that they are available from a lot of retailers now.  Has anyone installed them and have any reactions about them?  I have searched on youtube and other sources to find some videos but they are...
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Easy Rider Bike for sale by StillLookin
For those of you with a few extra bucks you might want to place a bid...
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FMB Hi/Lo by Ash702
I am interested in changing my bars out.  Mostly for looks, because I am comfortable in my riding position.  And I also like my hands pretty much behind the fairing.  So, these bars were really interesting to me because they seem to give me the optio...
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Finally, Riding Comfortably! by shawnymike
Hi everyone!  I'm really glad I was referred to this site. I've been riding for a long time and have owned several bikes in my life. Until recently, though, I've only owned crotch rockets and drag bikes.  Although fast, which I love, none were ever r...
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How to improve your Head light without doing the HID conversion by Geoff_C
A cheap way of getting a great result to a better head light. buy 2 x H11 Narva Plus 100 globes and it works a treat cost is about $50.00 for the pair here in Australia and a bit of your own time to do the swap.CheersGeoff 
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sorrow by strez18660
The past couple days have not been good. I was at work and got a disturbing phone call to get to my dads house. my dad was working in his garage and there was a terrible explosion, he was burned 83 percent of his body 3rd and 4th degree. he did not s...
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Cross Roads ?? by smalls
Is the seat on the soft leather saddlebag XR the same as the hard saddlebag version? Didn't know if there was any difference because of different bags. Thanks!
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Bike shut down mid ride. WTH? by Diesel
After 7000 trouble free just shut down mid ride.  While it started back up, my confidence is a bit low and my OCD is kicking in looking for options to troubleshoot.  I'm guessing it was electrical.... Bike has a PC-V and a 250w amp.  I ...
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Dash Problems by spamaster
Buddy of mine recently got a 2014 CC, his dash has an intermittent issue where the tach, speedo, radio controls and most of the idiot lights quit working. Of course the two times he took to the dealer it worked.It is not battery connections or connec...
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Victory App and Apparel by navychop
Hello all, I am a Vic XC rider and Vic supporter for years. As a previous Harley rider i still am really dissapointed in the lack of support from Victory. Getting accessories is not the easist or has the variety that is available for Harley, the ipho...
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VIDEO: shows how to fix your worn bag latch on a Cross Bike. by Witchdoctor
Many of you may or may not know about the problems with the right saddlebag latch on the Cross bikes wearing through. In this Video I try to show how to fix it before it gets to bad. The fix is easy and best of all costs nothing to do! Brought to you...
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Sissy Bar? by GTS1998
Does anyone make a sissy bar for the Hardball? I'm looking for a tall black triangular one. All I can find is the passenger backrest lock & ride that Victory makes. It seems that a few vendors make them for the Highball, but none for the Hardball. ...
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Picture Challenge Game by morgdog
 Ok, so we did this on another forum back when I rode my CBR. It was pretty cool to see all the pictures of everyones bikes. The Rules: 1. A challenge will be placed for a picture of your bike. For example "your bike at the beach" or "your bike in fr...
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