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Welcome to TheVOG - The Internet's largest Victory Owners Group. We aim to be a friendly community dedicated to Victory Motorcycles. You can ask questions, get expert opinions from other owners, post pictures, videos and more. To take full advantage of the site you need to Register - It's free. Click here to register!

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Project 156 was on an aggressive pace for a podium finish, but crashes in the second section and DNF’s at 93rd annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

·Project 156 qualified fourth overall out of 60 entries and top of class

·Don Canet posted the second fastest time of the day in section one

·Don Canet crashed in section two of the course but remounted the bike

·Project 156 had to pull over in the fourth and final section while leading the Exhibition Class to an unfortunate DNF.

Victory Racing experienced some highs and lows with racing this weekend after Project 156, ridden by Cycle World Editor Don Canet, crashed in the second section of the mountain course and stopped running less than 2 miles from the summit of the Pikes Peak’s finish line following an aggressive starting pace that proved the potential of the prototype engine.

Canet had qualified first in the Exhibition Class a few days before the race and was buoyed by qualifying fourth overall. Early on in the race, Don was posting speeds on Project 156 that were putting him in the running for an overall podium finish until he touched the slippery white paint in section two’s Brown Bush corner, one of the tightest corners out of the 156 turns, resulting in a minor lowside that would cause issues later in the run.

Don was rolling again in 23 seconds and resumed his fast pace. In the third section he was back on race pace posting the fifth fastest split time overall. Alas, it was not meant to be and he had to retire in the fourth and final section of the course around 13,000ft elevation. After such a promising start following practice and qualifying, the Victory Racing team began to set its sights on not just winning their class, but taking the overall lowest time in the motorcycle category.

Canet said: “I was off to a strong start and competitive with the fastest bikes on the mountain. My disappointment is more for the team and how much work they put into Project...
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Medina MN – Friday June 19th, 2015:
The Victory Motorcycles Project 156 suffered a setback on Saturday June 13th in a practice accident on the Pikes Peak race course. Cycle World Editor and Project 156 rider Don Canet did not suffer any serious injuries, and was immediately up from the crash, however the motorcycle was damaged enough to require a complete strip-down and frame straightening.

“We have been making significant progress on the engine tune of the motorcycle each time it went out, and were able to start focusing on the handling aspects of the bike,” said Canet. “As I was going up the mountain I lost the front end under braking, asphalt temperature was extremely low and, counterintuitively, I think the tire was getting colder as the run went on.” Canet took third position in his rookie season in his debut at the “Race to the Clouds” last year.

The Falkner-Livingston team transported the race bike back to the Roland Sands Designs headquarters in Southern California for evaluation. “Not going to lie…” says RSD project leader Cameron Brewer, “Project 156 is really beat up. But we are racers at heart and I can promise Victory Motorcycles, Cycle World Magazine, RSD and Pikes Peak fans that we will rebuild the bike – she took one hell of a hit, but we are committed to this program.”

“The first question was if Don is OK – when we heard that he was, that was our biggest relief. Racing is serious business, and it takes commitment, planning, guts and skill to get through these situations,” said Victory Motorcycles General Manager Rod Krois. “Victory Motorcycles took this endeavor on to challenge ourselves and make history by putting a competitive American bike back on Pikes Peak. Commitment is not for the weak – and I know that our team will make the decision that is best for Don and our brand.”

A video of the crash and interviews...
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A Swiss endurance rider is aiming to break the ‘all continents’ world circumnavigation record by motorcycle

Swiss biker Urs Pedraita is preparing to ride a Cross Country motorcycle around the world in the fastest time possible.

The current record for riding in all continents (not just through two antipodal points) stands at 120 days and two hours. But Urs, known as ‘Grisu Grizzly’, wants to ride the 100,000 km in under 100 days, which will mean he’ll break the existing record by 20 days.

He will set off on the attempt in February 2016, starting and ending in Zurich, by riding an almost standard Victory Cross Country. Additional items added to the bike include a larger 33-litre fuel tank, a customised seat with a back support and two LED lights for better visibility during night rides.

A video about the attempt (above) has been released and Grizzly is currently part-way through a ride to Russia (from Zurich – Stockholm – Helsinki –Moscow – Odessa – Kiev – Vienna – Zurich). In July he sets off on another training ride from Zurich to Vladivostok and back, then in October 2015 he will ride from Kenya to Tanzania before the record attempt in February 2016.


Grizzly has completed big rides on Victory motorcycles before. The first was in 2013; a 9,000-mile, 37-day trip from Bern to Vladivostok and back… in the winter. He says the biggest threat on that trip wasn’t the cold, but the wolves that followed him. “I could only scare them away using the sound of my exhaust,” he says.

In 2014 he made an attempt on the world circumnavigation record (held by Kevin and Julia Sanders) and rode with his friend ‘Bulldog’ on two Cross Country motorcycles. Bulldog had an accident just before Berlin and ended up in hospital. Grizzly continued the ride alone and broke the record by about three days,...
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Third place for Victory Racing in its first ever TT Zero race

  • Lee Johnston rides a 111.62mph lap to his second TT podium
  • Fourth for Guy Martin on a 109.717mph lap, just shy of the 110mph mark
  • “It’s a proper fast bike, the Victory boys were spot on,” says Guy.
Isle of Man: Victory Racing is celebrating its first ever TT podium after Lee Johnston rode a 111.620mph lap in the SES TT Zero race to take third place.

Lee had ridden increasingly fast laps on successive practices throughout the week as he became more familiar with the intricacies of riding the electric motorcycle – including energy management and regeneration – and he rode his fastest lap to date just when it mattered most.

Lee said in the winner’s enclosure: “Yeah, awesome to be back on the podium again. Every time we go out, we’re getting faster. Think we had a little bit of battery left, so maybe could have went a bit quicker. Fair play to the Mugen boys, but at the end of the day they have been coming here for three years and in their first year they did nowhere near 110mph, so credit to the whole Victory team, it’s an absolutely awesome job. The bike’s so fun to ride because it’s so small, I really like riding it.”

Guy Martin, who stepped in to ride the bike on behalf of the injured William Dunlop, placed fourth, an equally sweet victory in some ways, as he had only ridden two practice laps on William’s No.6 machine ahead of the race. He also posted his fastest lap of the week in the race – a 109.717mph, just shy of the 110mph mark.

“It’s a proper fast bike,” he said. “The Victory boys judged it just right to use up all of the battery power as I came over the finish line. I’d need more time to properly get my head around it but I’m happy to have had the opportunity to ride it.”

For a first time at the TT, the team is thrilled that it has...